Hey, there. I'm Wahida. 

I'm a digital strategist and I specialize in Facebook Ads and Funnels (A.K.A. How to make money using the internet). You may have seen my contributions in the Huffington Post or YSF Magazine. 

My passion is helping modern entrepreneurs generate an ENDLESS flow of leads and turn those leads into customers. That's it. That's all. 

Wahida Lakhani, Owner, Digital in the City

Curious about what my clients say?

Here are a few of testimonial:

"Before working with Wahida, I was nervous to have someone take care of my Facebook ads, as past attempts to outsource this in my business lead to a lot of spending - but no ROI. 

Since starting together, Wahida has simplified lead generation for my business, saving me not only HOURS a week of trying to figure it all out myself but money as well - achieving the lowest ads conversions I've seen in years of business! From weekly updates to monthly strategy sessions, she keeps me in the know, as I focus on the parts of my business that truly light me up inside.

If you are someone who is looking for an ads strategist that will genuinely care and give their best to your business (along with RESULTS!), I would highly recommend working with Wahida!"

-Jessica Rodriguez

Curious about my credentials?

I spent the early part of my career in advertising agencies and a few tech startups. I've worked as a freelance copywriter, an account manager and a consultant in the strategy department of a tech company who serviced well-known brands (many of which could probably be found in your home right now). 

I've also spent several years in the trenches of creating and managing winning Facebook Ads strategies that regularly earn my clients 6 figures at a time. 

"Wahida was amazing to work with. After struggling for 3 years to try and find a strategy for bringing in qualified leads, Wahida nailed it! She listened, she suggested a strategy that resulted in my best and highest converting campaign that I have ever experienced. Among her qualities is patience, kindness, and immense expertise on what works and what doesn't. Thank you Wahida for everything. I really appreciate you!!!!" - Connie Benedict

"In two weeks I had almost 1,000 new leads, new coaching clients and one of the most popular home decor companies wanting my services long-term (a dream client). Wahida is incredibly on top of it— prompt, generous and delivers on everything she says she will. This was the best money I have spent on my business. Because I was so impressed, I have referred a ton of people to her and I know they will be as thrilled as I am." - Ramona Russell

Want to work together?

I'm booked for the next six months, but I would love for you to get on the wait list if you're curious. If a spot opens up and we're a good fit, I'll reach out, and we can connect to see if I can offer you a free strategy session and audit. 

Note that I am only accepting retainer clients who are looking to work together for three months or longer and have a monthly ad spend of $1,000 or more.