How to Get 67% More Leads For Your Business

According to HubSpot, companies who blog get 67% more leads than those who do not.  

For a small to medium sized business, 67% more leads from something as cost efficient as writing a blog means a huge return on your investment of time and effort. Here are some of the other reasons we love blogging for small to medium sized businesses:

Blogs help improve your search engine rankings, so that you get found 

Search engines want more than anything, to provide their users with the answers to their questions. Their ability to do this is what allows them to stay competitive and relevant. Your ability to create high-quality, relevant content that users are looking for helps to make you a search engine's darling. This will result in favourable ranking on search engine results pages and will increase the likelihood that highly motivated individuals will discover your business and start to consider you as a solution to their problem. 

Blogs help create authority, giving you an edge over your competitor

The basic structure of a good blog post starts with a problem your consumer has, and then ends with a solution. Writing in this manner shows your reader that you understand both the problem and the solution they are facing and gives you instant credibility in their mind. Your reader will remember that you helped solve their problems and this will give you an edge over your competitors who may not be putting in the effort to demonstrate their expertise.

Blogs help you nurture loyal relationships with customers and helps to encourage referrals

We as humans appreciate when someone helps us out and it makes us want to help in return (known in social psychology as the law of reciprocation). When you blog, you are making a commitment to give your expertise away, free of charge. Doing so will endear you to your customers who will in turn, be loyal and refer their friends and families to you.