The easiest tools, that the pros are using, to create gorgeous instagram content!

We've all drooled at the sight of other people's beautiful social content. It seems that everywhere we look, there are stunning collages and perfectly formatted inspirational quotes. What we're not seeing, is that a large portion of this content is actually being made with the help of a few, easy to use design tools. Wonder what those tools are? Well, I've listed some of the favourites right here:

1. WordSwag

WordSwag is a huge favourite and is responsible for many of the gorgeous quotes you're seeing on Instagram (and elsewhere), right now. WordSwag is a mobile application that formats your text into aesthetically pleasing posts in no time at all. All you have to do is choose from a range of free backgrounds (or use a photo of your own), type in a quote and presto-chango, it will do the styling for you. It's how I create my very own "biz talk" content pieces (pictured here) in under 4 seconds. Cost? About $4

10 Best Tools for Creating Instagram Content

2. Canva

Canva is the perfect tool if you want the ability to create content from your desktop. It's easy to use and they have amazing templates for almost everything from Facebook and Twitter headers, to Pinterest and Instagram posts. Cost? Mostly free (unless you choose to buy their photography as well but even then images are a dollar). They also have a free design school where they will teach  many of the principles designers use in their work, drool

Canva Workspace

3. Diptic

Photo collages are a phenomenal tool for so many reasons. They can be used to create before and after content pieces (fantastic if your work has tangible results, like a makeup artist or personal trainer). They can be used to show the various steps in a tutorial (each step can be a different collage) or they can just provide interesting ways to look at everyday things (see my post below). Cost? $0.99

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 6.51.33 PM.png

4. Color Splash 

This one is a lot of fun. Color Splash allows you to pick out a single colour highlight in an image. The example below shows a cute little puppy in colour while his background is now greyed out. Imagine using this to highlight the colour of your lipstick if you're a makeup artist, or to pick out a highway sign while you're on a road-trip. Get creative! Cost? $1.19

5. Flipagram 

Flipagram allows you to create slideshows with your own photos and set it to background music. It only takes a few minutes and can bring a lot of spirit to your account. This would be perfect for summing up the highlights of a live event, or the progress of a project. This example is from the Flipagram website. Cost? FREE

6. InstaVid Collage

We know that picture collages are a big hit, but what about video collages? Get noticed by using this super simple video collage app. Try using it to show various perspectives of a fashion show or event or to display your product in action. Cost? About $3. 

7. Hyperlapse:

Hyperlapse is a powerful tool for creating jaw-dropping time lapse videos. Created by the folks at Instagram, this app allows you to take really high-quality videos with built-in stabilizing. Imagine documenting your plane ride, your train trip or a day in your startup's office. So many possibilities! Cost? FREE

Hyperlapse for Instagram


8. Videohance

Last but not least, we have Videohance. This app is incredibly easy to use and allows you to change the look and feel of your video content super easily. Cost? $3


Alright! What are you waiting for?! Pick your favourite options and give them a try! And! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to watch me grow the account from scratch.