By now you folks know that I'm a strategist who is OBSESSED with getting real results. I hate fluffy advice and I seriously dislike wasting time with ineffective marketing tactics. It's exactly for those reasons that I am blown away by Instagram. The results I'm seeing for myself and for others is pretty exceptional. Huge amounts of engagement, lots of exposure and the ability to connect with your ideal target audience. 

On the fence about this social platform? Then you need to read the rest of this post!

1. Instagram is dwarfing Facebook and Twitter as the "The King of Social Engagement" 

Forrester recently did a study that compared engagement on seven of the most popular social media networks. Guess what? Instagram outperformed them all by a huge margin. The study showed that Instagram is getting 58% more engagement than Facebook and 120% more engagement than Twitter. What does this mean to you? It means that the same effort on Instagram is going to get you more action than the same effort elsewhere. SO, if you're on social media so that your potential customers will engage with you (and who isn't), then you need to seriously make a beeline for the platform.

2. It works for all kinds of businesses

About a year ago, the popular advice said that Instagram was for certain kinds of brands and not others. You had to be super visual, hip and cool. And while attractive images are required, any and all businesses are starting to make a serious dent in the platform. You just have to be willing to be creative. 

For example, Real Estate Agents are getting in on the action by posting flattering photos of listings and doing short video tours. They're using geo-tagging to specify location and connect with the local market (see example below by @realestate_bysophie)

If you're a charity, a coach, a makeup artist, a speaker, a coffee shop or a retail store, there is a place for you on Instagram. 

Still not sure if Instagram would work for you? Check out if your competitors or other industry leaders are testing it out to get inspiration.

3. Instagram isn't just full of teenagers and it's not a shiny object that will fade.

I'm not one for shiny object syndrome. I believe in making smart, efficient choices in your business. For that reason, it's always important to ask if your ideal target market is on the social media network you're about to choose. And wouldn't you know, Instagram has been growing across every demographic from 18 through to 65 years of age (Pew Research). In fact, 26% of the online adult population is now on Instagram (up from 17% in 2013). This growth across many audiences means that you're likely to find your target here and all indicators show that the count of users isn't slowing down. 

Bonus reason: 

Instagram is going to start introducing ads for small and medium sized business owners. Experts agree that there's a real opportunity for small business and entrepreneurs to really take advantage of this opportunity because your message will matter more than your budget. So if you're even a little interested in Instagram ads, then you'll want to position yourself now.  

So how do you rock it on Instagram?

What does it really take to grow a thriving community of quality followers fast? How do you figure out what the heck to post, and how to streamline this whole process? I'll show you how in my upcoming course "Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers And Beyond!". Click on the button below to learn more!