How much should my facebook ads cost?

This is hands down the most popular question I get asked. And the answer is often “it depends”.... which I know can be frustrating. So in this post, I’m going to provide you with benchmarks that you can use to guide you. 

Because my friends, your business is all about numbers. And while that might make some of you a bit nervous, numbers can be fun when they’re in the context of your business (Take it from the girl who used to fail elementary school math… ). 

Note that I’m also assuming that you have a sales funnel in order to turn your traffic from Facebook Ads into leads, and to turn that traffic into sales. If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, download my How To Profit From Facebook Ads Guide. 

Alright, so here are the benchmarks you should be keeping in mind…. 

Note, these benchmarks are for those of you who are running an online business. You’ll also want to keep in mind that your objective and your strategy may change which metrics are the most important to you. So for example, if your campaign objective is conversions… then you’ll want to look at your cost per conversion as your primary indicator of success. If you are running a campaign whose objective is clicks, then your cost per click and click-through rate are your primary indicators of success. 

You also want to keep in mind that not all traffic will behave the same. These metrics assume you are targeting cold traffic. If you are targeting warm traffic, then you’ll likely see a visible decrease in all of your costs.

Cost Per Lead: The cost to get someone to enter your funnel, usually by joining your list for a freebie, or joining your webinar. 

To join your email list for a freebie, you should be paying less than $5 (but aiming for $2-$3). If you want to drop this cost to $1.00 or less, really hammer down your unique selling proposition or hook.

To get cold traffic to join a webinar, you are likely to pay between $5-$10 or more per registration and it usually only makes sense if you KNOW that your webinar will convert well enough to merit the increased cost to get registrants. For most online business owner's, you'll want to get leads onto your list via a lead magnet/freebie first, and then invite them to the webinar later. This will reduce your costs, and also increase the chances that your registrants will show up for your webinar. 

Cost per click: How much you will pay per click

If you’re objective is clicks (if you’re driving traffic to a blog post for example), your cost per click through should be about $1.00 or less. 

Click through rate (link): The number of people who clicked through on your ad of the people who saw the ad

You want to aim for 1% or higher… especially if it is a content offer like a blog post where your click through rate will usually be 2% or higher if you have a good match between your topic and your audience. 

Relevance Score: A score out of 10 that gives you an idea of how well your ad is performing with your targeting audiences

Think of this as the roll-up metric for how well your ad is performing in front of your audience. You can receive a score anywhere from 1-10, and it is reflective of how well your ad is being received. If users are hiding your ad, your score can decrease. If they are positively engaging, your score can increase. 

If you’re at a 4 or below, you will likely want to turn off your campaign and go back to the drawing board. Re-think the offer in your ad and the targeting. 

If you’re getting a score of 5-6, check your other primary metric (your cost per lead and your cost per click). If you’re still performing well there, then consider adjusting your ads creative and your targeting. You’re not performing terribly, but there is room for improvement

If you’re getting a 7-10, you’re doing well! The higher the score, the more efficient your costs will be to run your ad (aka cheaper). 

Landing Page Conversion: The percentage of people who are opting in once they reach your page

You should be converting at a 20% or higher. Any lower and you’re going to want to stop your campaign until you’ve fixed whatever is going wrong. 

So these are the general benchmarks you should know as you’re planning your campaign. 

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