Here's what people are saying:

“By the end of the campaign, I had almost a thousand new leads for an average of $0.65 each! 

Wahida was a real God send for me in launching my coaching business! She made me feel at ease, instead of feeling overwhelmed by an industry I knew NOTHING about before working with her. She cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to make sure they are happy, satisfied and up to date with the campaign details. I love it that she knew which markets to target and when to shift gears as needed, so I didn’t waste money on FB ads that weren’t producing results. I could not have done it without her."

- Kathleen Kastner, Wellness Coach

"We worked together on a high profile client and within a short period of time she was able to increase our new leads, as well as sales and drop our average cost per lead (in a difficult market) from $8-$10 to $2-$3 each!

Wahida is a complete gem in the world of Facebook ads. It has been amazing to be working with her and to finally find someone who really knows and understands the world of FB advertising.  I highly recommend working with her if you want to see solid results from your ads and start bringing in fresh leads and sales."

-Chrissie Bettencourt

"Wahida Intuitively understood my message!

She was referred to me and I decided to hire her for help with my website and Facebook ads because of her warmth and vibe. She was easy to work with and intuitively understood my message. The ads, website and auto responder series came out just right! I would absolutely recommend her without any reservations!" 

-Arlette Gerber, Owner of Adventures To Europe

I found Wahida when I was unable to get my Facebook ads approved.

Wahida went above and beyond in both guiding me to create a great campaign, in identifying the issue I was having and in implementing a work around.

Apparently, having tried to create my own ads caused me to receive a major flag on my account and I struggled for months to get my Facebook ads campaign going. I now have a healthy campaign and my cost per lead is under $2.00!

After speaking to Wahida the first time, I knew she would be able to help me get my ads up and running. Her level of knowledge and expertise were clear from our first conversation. Her guidance, knowledge and experience helped ease my concern that I would never be able to have a healthy Facebook campaign because of all of the issues I had experienced trying to launch on my own.

I would 100% recommend Wahida as a Facebook expert and plan on working with her on future campaigns both on Facebook and on other social media platforms.”  

-Sandra Fidelis, Business Consultant

"In two weeks I had almost 1,000 new subscribers, new coaching clients and one of the most popular home decor companies wanting my services long-term (a dream client). Wahida is incredibly on top of it— prompt, generous and delivers on everything she says she will. This was the best money I have spent on my business. Because I was so impressed, I have referred a ton of people to her and I know they will be as thrilled as I am." 
-Ramona Russell, PR Strategist

"My list and Facebook Group were FLOODED with high-quality leads. Wahida had come highly recommended from a friend and helped me shape my whole welcome funnel including a high-converting opt-in offer. I grew my list by 1,151 new subscribers at an average of $1.17 per lead (wow!). This campaign continues to run in the background, bringing in a fresh group of about 160 new leads every week. I would absolutely recommend Wahida and can't wait until we can work together again!" -Michelle McGlade, Business Strategist and Best-Selling Author

"Wahida has quadrupled my list, cut the cost of my leads and supported me in promoting my products and services with measurable ROI.Wahida is part of my dream team and I'm so thankful and appreciative of the work she does to bring in new and highly qualified humans {leads as they call them} to our community every single day. She's been able to target audiences so effectively that our ads are converting for less than $1.00 on most occasions! I would recommend Wahida to anyone looking for a great strategic ads partner to add to their team! "

-Adrienne Dorison, Business Strategist, Podcast Host (Ongoing Support Client)